Friendship is something to be cherished and Debbie DeCeco Lannen and Santi Centner do just that. Since the age of 5, when they met in kindergarten, they knew they had a special friendship. Rarely do you meet someone that you just know you will be connected to for the rest of your life - no matter what! That is exactly what happened to Debbie and Santi. From their neighborhood in Detroit, to their separate lives thousands of miles apart from one another, they stay connected and support one another.

Five Stars - Rosemary Norton

Beautiful photos and sayings. Very inspiring.

Crystal wanted one thing more than anything in the world. She dreamed about it every night. Crystal wanted to be a Glistening Forest Fairy. Could she do it? She was ready to take the chance.



Fun and Breezy inspiration for kids of all ages - R Sexton

Crystal, a Fairy's Dream is a wonderful book for kids (and kids at heart). The story tells, in quick and easy-to-read fashion, the story of a young fairy aspiring to join a dance troupe of fairies who make the snow "sparkle." Lannen does a lovely job painting a portrait of a unique fairy world with an economy of language and smart use of metaphor and other imagery.

Crystal Starlight is a Glistening Forest Fairy. Her job is to make sure that the pure white snow sparkles all winter long. So what could she possibly be doing in the Caribbean? She had a very important assignment, direct from Miss Sparkle, and it involved pirates! What had Crystal gotten herself into this time. Ahoy matey! Only time will tell.


Second book in the Crystal series.





An Excellent Adventure - Paul S. Enns

Once again, Crystal inspires us and shows us that even though each of us have unique differences, we are all very much the same. This will be a wonderful gift for my niece & nephew.

Harold was so bored! Nothing exciting ever happened to him. Everyday was the same. Walk down to the lake and take the boat out. Same dumb lake, same dumb curves. Always the same... until today!



Wonderful Adventure! 

Harold is every child. At one time or other we forget to look around and see what the world has to offer. This books reminds us that the world is a wonderful adventure! You just need to be ready to climb in the boat! Highly recommend it!

An Adoption Story.

Many people take the journey to adopt, but not many can say that they won their child in a raffle. We did. This is our story. It is the story of hope, heartbreak, scams, fraud and ultimately success. It is a story to help inspire other people who are trying to navigate the ins and outs of the adoption process. It can be a very long journey but all I can say is " Don't give up. It will all be worth it!"


"We Won You in a Raffle" was engaging from beginning to end.  It shows the power of positive thinking, creativity, and 
preserverance.   The Lannen's journey to adopt had many ups and downs.  One of the precious moments in the book is the connection between the birth mother and the Lannen's.  You don't need to have children or the desire to adopt for the book to be enjoyable.  The story is told with honesty and humor.  K. Curtsinger July 2014

Sister Justus was from a small town in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. She never thought she would live in a big city. But God's plan for her was very different from what she imagined. Now here she was, many year later, comforting patients at an inner city hospital. It was quite a routine life until the night a young college student was rushed into the emergency unit. That night, Sister Justus's life changed forever. Death threats, police detectives and mystery surrounded her. for once in her life, Sister Justus worried she would need more than prayer to save herself and those around her.

The first chapter in an excellent series. - Kenneth J. Bochenek

Apparently the first in a series of works taking place in my hometown, Detroit, MI, the perfect setting for murder suspense mysteries with just the right "Detroit Flavor" added. Anxious to continue the series with a traditional nun, the type I went to school with inconveniently paired with a grumpy arrogant detective sergeant. A joyful read !!!