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 I'm Sorry

    An Anti Bullying play

     Written and directed by Debbie Lannen

       Premiered Feb. 20, 2014 

       Mid Winter Madness Festival in NYC


What people are saying: 

(Premiere production)


The sign of brilliance is making people think... The sign of true compassion is compelling people to feel. Great work.

Marge Dronsella  


(St. Louis Community College at Florissant Valley production):


"Great job on I'm Sorry. I thought the play was completely appropriate in this day and age." 

Dr. Paul Higdon Prof. of Music and Chair of Communications.


"I'm Sorry was powerful, sobering, thought provoking, uplifting, and a joy to behold and take in. Loved, loved, loved the performance, cool set design, and everything about this play." 

Sharon A. Fox. Reference Librarian / Professor


"There were over 100 people in the theatre and each one experienced something very special. It is difficult to broach the topic of bullying, but this play does it beautifully." 

Mary Luebke Acting Dean of Liberal Arts




I'm Sorry - Off Off Broadway Premier

I'm Sorry - Off Off Broadway Premier

Mid Winter Madness Festival Feb. 2014

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Preschool 2.jpg