Director / Playwright /  Author


Established in August 2016, the Still Got It Players South is an acting troupe designed for the mature actor (over the age of 50) I am thrilled to be directing actors who have a lifetime of experience to share with the Orlando community.


The Spotlight Still Got It  Players is a senior troupe for actors over the age of 50.  I was the founder and  Artistic Director since its first production in 2009 until Aug. 2014. We produced two main stage productions and one black box production each season. Past shows have included: the musical Father Bingo, Larceny and Old Lace, The Oldest Profession, and the world premieres One Foot in the Gravy and The Geezer Game. 





July 2013 - A Voice in My Head was produced at the Midtown International Theatre Festival. It was performed at the Jewel Box Theatre. 
Oct. 2013 - Priscilla the Precious was performed as part of John Chatterton's Short Subject Play Lab. The production was held at Roy Arias Studios.  The play won the Audience Favorite Award.
Feb. 2014 - I'm Sorry premiered at the Mid Winter Madness Festival. It featured 13 young actors and 5 senior actors. 
March 2014 - Bedtime Visitor premiered at John Chatterton's Short Play Lab at the Roy Arias Studio. It featured Ashley Shamoon and Siena Hassett. 
July 2014 - For All Eternity will premiere at the Midtown International Theatre Festival as part of the Short Play Lab Program B. It will be performed at the Jewel Box Theatre.
March 2016 - Leave It To Lucy Loving premiered at the Midtown International Theatre Festival. Featuring: Chandler St. Aubin, Kyle Coykendall, and Joe Lannen. Having relationship problems? Feeling ignored? Unappreciated? Call Lucy Loving! Results guaranteed.
August 2019 - 'Til Death Do Us Part premiered at Penguin Point Productions in Oviedo, FL. The Still Got It Players South brought life to this group zany characters. 






November 2013 marked the publication of my first children's book,
Crystal - A Fairy's Dream.
Illustrations by by Elise Walters. 
Crystal wanted one thing more than anything in the world. She dreamed about it every night. Crystal wanted to be a Glistening Forest Fairy. Could she do it? She was ready to take the chance.
February 2014 was the publication of 
Same Dumb Lake Same Dumb Curves.  
Illustrations by Chris Pavely
Harold was so bored! Nothing exciting ever happened to him. Everyday was the same. Walk down to the lake and take the boat out. Same dumb lake, same dumb curves. Always the same... until today!
June 2014 marked the publication of my first adult book,
We Won You In A Raffle - An Adoption Story
Many people take the journey to adopt, but not many can say that they won their child in a raffle. We did. This is our story. It is the story of hope, heartbreak, scams, fraud and ultimately success. It is a story to help inspire other people who are trying to navigate the ins and outs of the adoption process. It can be a very long journey but all I can say is " Don't give up. It will all be worth it!"
January 2015 was the publication of Uplifting Friends
Friendship is something to be cherished and Debbie DeCeco Lannen and Santi Centner do just that. Since the age of 5, when they met in kindergarten, they knew they had a special friendship. Rarely do you meet someone that you just know you will be connected to for the rest of your life - no matter what! That is exactly what happened to Debbie and Santi. From their neighborhood in Detroit, to their separate lives thousands of miles apart from one another, they stay connected and support one another. 
Debbie DeCeco Lannen is a playwright, theatre director, and children's book author. Santi Centner is an artist, musician, and computer expert. Together they are inspirational to each other. They hope this book, complete with Santi's photographs, and Debbie's specially selected words, will brighten your day, encourage you, and most importantly, remind you to cherish every friendship.
April 2015 was the publication of Crystal A Caribbean Adventure - the second in the Crystal Series. Crystal Starlight is a Glistening Forest Fairy. Her job is to make sure that the pure white snow sparkles all winter long. So what could she possibly be doing in the Caribbean? She had a very important assignment, direct from Miss Sparkle, and it involved pirates! What had Crystal gotten herself into this time. Ahoy matey! Only time will tell.
Dec. 2015 brought the publication of New Justice - A Sister Justice Mystery. Sister Justus was from a small town in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. She never thought she would live in a big city. But God's plan for her was very different from what she imagined. Now here she was, many year later, comforting patients at an inner city hospital. It was quite a routine life until the night a young college student was rushed into the emergency unit. That night, Sister Justus's life changed forever. Death threats, police detectives and mystery surrounded her. for once in her life, Sister Justus worried she would need more than prayer to save herself and those around her.